Friday, May 31, 2013

Aku no Hana - Episode 7 and 8

Aku no Hana, you never cease to amaze me. Kasuga breaking down and hating himself for lying to Saeki. Brilliant. Kasuga begging for help from Nakamura. Brilliant. Nakamura berating Kasuga in the classroom. Brilliant. Kasuga snapping and completely trashing the classroom. Brilliant.

I complained about the rotoscoping and the character designs when I first started watching this. But now, it’s really grown on me. No, it’s not that I’ve gotten used to it, I’m actually really starting to enjoy the rotoscoping. It works quite well for this anime, and I don’t think any other way would work out.

Now I want to talk about episode 8, the aftermath. It’s something that’s torn people up and for good reasons too. Literally, the first 5 or so minutes of the episode was just Kasuga and Nakamura slowly walking home. Step by step, walking and walking and walking. No words exchanged, just an ambient soundtrack, and a lot of people hated this scene. Boring, pointless, dragged on too long, etc. But I’m on the contrary, I loved this scene. It evoked a lot of emotions without anything actually happening. After a complete frenzy, this soft and gentle set piece was perfect.

The shock of the whole school upon seeing the devastated classroom created some gratifying uneasiness and when Saeki finally realizes the truth about Kasuga, that was one astounding, un nerving, cliffhanger right there. Absolutely brilliant.

10/10 (Pretty much flawless)

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