Monday, July 15, 2013

Uchouten Kazoku - Episode 2

I mentioned this in my first impressions, but I’ll mention it again. P.A. Works, in my opinion, is one of the most disappointing studio there is. Every series I’ve seen from them starts off with a brilliant set up and promise for something truly great only to never live up to that potential in the end.

Uchouten Kazoku sets the same high bar, but this time I’m truly certain that this is a series that will not only meet that bar but completely leap over it by the end.

I’m not simply stating that because this is an adaptation of the novel written by Tomihiko Morimo, who wrote the fantastically whimisical Tatami Galaxy, mind you, but because the characters and setting have been so exquisitely immersive. As of now, it lacks a plot, but it hardly matters. I was surprised, not once, but countless times throughout this episode. “Benten” actually turning out to be Yasaburo, Yajirou forever stuck in the form of a frog , an epic fight between wild beast transformations on top of a bridge and a cart maneuvered by a wooden puppet; It’s bizarre to say the least, but it holds the same beautiful charm and imaginative brilliance that Ghibli films hold.

Each member of the Shimogamo family is alive and charming individually, but what makes them feel even more special is the strangely, strong bond between them all. As “eccentric” as they all are, they really do feel like a real family and that brings me to talk about the true beauty of Uchouten Kazoku. Because underneath all the strange inexplicable events that have occurred throughout the series, Uchouten Kazoku is very human at its core, more human than most anime try to achieve.

P.A. Works, please don’t screw this up. Please don’t.

Rating: 9.0/10 (Amazing)

Note: Wow… this felt more like an overall review of the whole series than just on the episode. Oh well. 


  1. Lol 'jumping the gun' are we? horrible review.

    1. Yeah, I agree that Deadlight's jumping the gun here but I wouldn't call it a horrible review. This has been my favorite show of the season and I completely agree that, so far, Uchouten Kazoku has brilliant characterization and is more human than most anime are

    2. @Anon:

      Dude, I'll eat my words if this series sucks later on

  2. I admire what the first episode accomplished, but it was a little too dull for me. Wasn't going to pick up the second episode but after reading this review I did and I'm glad I did. The setting is pretty damn cool and I do like the bond between the family members

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